Damage Waiver

Each rental contract includes a 5% damage waiver to cover your responsibility for damage to the rental equipment caused during normal use.

The damage waiver does not cover missing, stolen, or lost items or items damaged through improper use, vandalism, or neglect. Responsibility for equipment remains with the customer from delivery until return. Please be sure equipment is secured when not in use and is protected from weather and irrigation/sprinkler equipment. 


The Damage Waiver covers:

  •   Items damaged through normal use such as scratches to tables, chairs, and dance floors 
  •   Soiled linens - food and drink stains caused by normal use
  •   Tent wear and tear – physical damage caused by wind, hail, or rain 
  •   Collapsed chairs from excessive weight 
  •   Glassware broken from accidental drops or spills


The Damage Waiver DOES NOT cover: 

  •   Missing or stolen items
  •   Negligence such as dance floors flooded by irrigation or sprinklers, or wooden equipment left out in the rain 
  •   Linens – burn holes from cigarettes, wax, ink stains, cuts, and tears
  •   Chairs broken when improperly used as a stepstool, for example 
  •   Tents – any damage not caused by weather such as rips and cuts from sharp implements, excessive tape, paint, or other human caused damage 
  •   Theft, vandalism, conversion, or other dishonest act toward rental items by you, persons in your employ or a third party 


Please note all policies apply to the entire time equipment is in your possession, from time of delivery until time of pickup.