Delivery & Setup

At JMS Tents & Party Rentals, our goal is to make your delivery, setup and post event pick up as simple as possible. Please read the information below to help us take the stress out of tent and equipment installation.


Before Tent Installation

  • Call Arizona Blue Stake (811) to have underground utilities marked. They will only mark to the meter and so usually do not cover back yards. 
  • If you know where your gas & electric lines, pool & sprinkler plumbing run, please mark them in advance. 
  • Turn off sprinklers for duration (before installation until after takedown). 
  • Site prep – mow grass, remove dog piles, level ground. 
  • Flat, uniform, level ground is required under dance floors. 
  • If you have string lighting overhead where the tents will go, they must be removed. 
  • Trim trees as necessary – the tents are 10’ tall on the edges and 18’ tall in the center. 
  • Let us know your irrigation schedule to ensure we have an adequate pickup window. 
  • Put dogs and other outdoor pets away. 
  • Provide us the gate code, open RV gates, clear a path for us (move cars, etc.)
  • We are not responsible for hitting buried lines with tent stakes. If they are not marked, we will do our best to infer where sprinkler lines are and try to avoid them. We hit sprinkler lines perhaps 1% of the time – it’s rare, but it can happen. 
  • Our lighting is all LED and requires very little power. Evaporative coolers, however, are power hogs – if you rent 3-4 coolers, you’ll need either a generator or outlets on more than one breaker to prevent tripping it. 
  • No fire pits or BBQs within 75 feet of tents – black smoke will stain the vinyl.


Before Event

  • Use zip ties on tent poles/frame to hang décor, lights, etc. Stay away from the vinyl. 
  • Do not use tape on tent canopy or sidewalls. 
  • Do not try to move dance floor – this will damage it; to be moved, the dance floor must be completely disassembled and reassembled by our team. 
  • Keep tables and dance floors out of the rain. If it rains before, during or after the event and the dance floor is not under the tent, it must be covered with a thick vinyl tarp that we will leave with you. 
  • Do not loosen any ropes or ratchet straps – this will compromise the structural integrity of the tent. 
  • Use plastic linen clips to hold linens in place against the wind – NO tape, thumbtacks, staples, etc.


After Event

  • Keep sprinklers turned off until after we’re done with takedown. 
  • Cut down your decorations with diagonal pliers; do not use knives. 
  • Do not dump ice or water coolers under the tents – we need to roll them up on dry ground. 
  • Please re-stack chairs on blue rolling dollies (seats up) as they were delivered (unless you paid us the extra charge for table/chair setup & takedown). 
  • Place soiled linens in laundry bags provided (discard hangers). 
  • Remove your decorations from the tents and tables. 
  • Tableware (china, glassware, flatware) must be rinsed clean (with a garden hose, not sanitized) and replaced in their plastic totes – extra cleaning charges will apply for tableware returned dirty. 
  • Remove rental equipment from other companies from under tent. 
  • We dump the water barrels (when used to secure tents) on the ground after takedown.