20' x 40' Rectangle Tent – Package For 50 Guests

SKU: REC2040-50
Make your small intimate wedding, shower or anniversary celebration one to remember with an outdoor experience that will keep your guests talking. Featuring 800 square feet of under canopy cover – the 20' x 40' Rectangle is a sure favorite and includes all of the sundry items needed to get your 50 guest party pointed in the right direction. Simply select a dance floor below to suit your party requirements.
  • No Leg Drapes [-$120.00 ]
    No Leg Drapes [-$120.00 ]
    Not available
  • with White Ties
    with White Ties
    Not available
  • with Ivory Ties
    with Ivory Ties
    Not available
  • with Black Ties
    with Black Ties
    Not available
  • with Aqua Ties
    with Aqua Ties
    Not available
  • with Bubblegum Ties
    with Bubblegum Ties
    Not available
  • with Burgundy Ties
    with Burgundy Ties
    Not available
  • with Buttercup Ties
    with Buttercup Ties
    Not available
  • with Camel Ties
    with Camel Ties
    Not available
  • with Cardinal Ties
    with Cardinal Ties
    Not available
  • with Charcoal Gray Ties
    with Charcoal Gray Ties
    Not available
  • with Chocolate Ties
    with Chocolate Ties
    Not available
  • with Dusty Rose Ties
    with Dusty Rose Ties
    Not available
  • with Eggplant Ties
    with Eggplant Ties
    Not available
  • with Fuchsia Ties
    with Fuchsia Ties
    Not available
  • with Gray Ties
    with Gray Ties
    Not available
  • with Hunter Ties
    with Hunter Ties
    Not available
  • with Jade Ties
    with Jade Ties
    Not available
  • with Kelly Ties
    with Kelly Ties
    Not available
  • with Khaki Ties
    with Khaki Ties
    Not available
  • with Lemon Ties
    with Lemon Ties
    Not available
  • with Light Blue Ties
    with Light Blue Ties
    Not available
  • with Light Olive Ties
    with Light Olive Ties
    Not available
  • with Light Pink Ties
    with Light Pink Ties
    Not available
  • with Lilac Ties
    with Lilac Ties
    Not available
  • with Lime Ties
    with Lime Ties
    Not available
  • with Midnight Blue Ties
    with Midnight Blue Ties
    Not available
  • with Mustard Gold Ties
    with Mustard Gold Ties
    Not available
  • with Navy Blue Ties
    with Navy Blue Ties
    Not available
  • with Orange Ties
    with Orange Ties
    Not available
  • with Peach Ties
    with Peach Ties
    Not available
  • with Periwinkle Ties
    with Periwinkle Ties
    Not available
  • with Pink Ties
    with Pink Ties
    Not available
  • with Plum Ties
    with Plum Ties
    Not available
  • with Poppy Ties
    with Poppy Ties
    Not available
  • with Purple Ties
    with Purple Ties
    Not available
  • with Raspberry Ties
    with Raspberry Ties
    Not available
  • with Red Ties
    with Red Ties
    Not available
  • with Royal Blue Ties
    with Royal Blue Ties
    Not available
  • with Salmon Ties
    with Salmon Ties
    Not available
  • with Sea Mist Ties
    with Sea Mist Ties
    Not available
  • with Silver Ties
    with Silver Ties
    Not available
  • with Teal Ties
    with Teal Ties
    Not available
  • with Terracotta Ties
    with Terracotta Ties
    Not available
  • with Turquoise Ties
    with Turquoise Ties
    Not available
  • No Linens
    No Linens
    Not available
  • White
    Not available
  • Ivory
    Not available
  • Black
    Not available
  • Aqua
    Not available
  • Bubblegum
    Not available
  • Burgundy
    Not available
  • Buttercup
    Not available
  • Camel
    Not available
  • Cardinal
    Not available
  • Charcoal Gray
    Charcoal Gray
    Not available
  • Chocolate
    Not available
  • Dusty Rose
    Dusty Rose
    Not available
  • Eggplant
    Not available
  • Fuchsia
    Not available
  • Gray
    Not available
  • Hunter
    Not available
  • Jade
    Not available
  • Kelly
    Not available
  • Khaki
    Not available
  • Lemon
    Not available
  • Light Blue
    Light Blue
    Not available
  • Light Olive
    Light Olive
    Not available
  • Light Pink
    Light Pink
    Not available
  • Lilac
    Not available
  • Lime
    Not available
  • Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
    Not available
  • Mustard Gold
    Mustard Gold
    Not available
  • Navy Blue
    Navy Blue
    Not available
  • Orange
    Not available
  • Peach
    Not available
  • Periwinkle
    Not available
  • Pink
    Not available
  • Plum
    Not available
  • Poppy
    Not available
  • Purple
    Not available
  • Raspberry
    Not available
  • Red
    Not available
  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue
    Not available
  • Salmon
    Not available
  • Sea Mist
    Sea Mist
    Not available
  • Silver
    Not available
  • Teal
    Not available
  • Terracotta
    Not available
  • Turquoise
    Not available
  • Plastic Folding Chair - White [50 Included]
    Plastic Folding Chair - White [50 Included]
    Not available
  • Plastic Folding Chair - Bone [-$15.00 ]
    Plastic Folding Chair - Bone [-$15.00 ]
    Not available
  • Resin Folding Chair - White [+$67.50 ]
    Resin Folding Chair - White [+$67.50 ]
    Not available
  • Resin Folding Chair - Black [+$75.00 ]
    Resin Folding Chair - Black [+$75.00 ]
    Not available
  • Fruitwood Folding Chair [+$110.00 ]
    Fruitwood Folding Chair [+$110.00 ]
    Not available
  • X-Back Wood Chair [+$617.50 ]
    X-Back Wood Chair [+$617.50 ]
    Not available
  • No Chairs [-$82.50 ]
    No Chairs [-$82.50 ]
    Not available
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Whether you're planning a wedding, anniversary or baby shower for up to 50 guests – our 20' x 40' Rectangle Tent Package is a great value. Featuring a 800 square foot white canopy with just about everything you will need to get the party started and keep your guests comfortable all night long. Since parties are our thing, trust JMS to deliver high quality equipment at a fraction of the cost of renting a venue.

Complete your 20' x 40' Rectangle Wedding Tent Package by choosing from our extensive selection of dance floor sizes set gracefully at the center of attention.

JMS brings Matrix rental tent technology to Phoenix and the surrounding areas to provide outdoor wedding and party experiences that can't be matched. Our exclusive 50 guest Rectangle Wedding Tent package offers plenty of room for small intimate parties.

What do you get with our 20' x 40' Rectangle 50 guest Package?

  • Exclusive 20' x 40' Canopy
  • Decorative Tent Leg Drapes
  • Under Canopy Globe Lighting
  • Twinkle Dance Lighting
  • (6) 60" Round Guest Tables
  • Your Choice of Forty Four (44) Vibrant Linen Colors
  • (50) White Plastic Folding Chairs

Though our wedding packages are fully configured to offer your guests an amazing experience – JMS Tents offers an extensive inventory with hundreds of customizable options. Select from the following options to make your event one to remember.

  • Wedding Party Tables
  • Sweetheart Tables
  • Buffet Tables
  • DJ Table
  • Gift Table
  • Round Cake Table
  • Round Cocktail Tables
  • Linen Table Runners
  • Bars
  • Dance Floors
Products specifications
Tent ColorWhite
Overall Height18' to 20' Tent Pole Selection Required
Overall Width20 feet
Overall Depth40 feet
MaterialReinforced Vinyl Fabric w/ Aluminum Poles
Fire RetardantYes
Setup RequiredJMS Delivery & Installation Required
  • 800 Square Foot Wedding Tent
  • Decorative Tent Leg Drapes – (8) eight total
  • Under Canopy Globe Lighting – (1) dimmer, plus (24) twenty four lights
  • Twinkle Lighting – (120) one hundred twenty linear feet
  • 60" Round Guest Tables – (6) six tables
  • Your Choice of Forty Four – (44) vibrant linen colors
  • White Plastic Folding Chairs – (50) fifty chairs
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